Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Vampire Knight To Be Animated!

Info from CoTRJF and ANN.

I'm pretty excited about this. As I've said before this is the only manga holding my attention right now in Shoujo Beat so I definitely welcome this development. I hope that the eerie darkness and subtle sexual tension translates well into animation, although I fear it might not. I have to admit that generally, when I read a manga first, it's difficult for me to like the animated version. I get annoyed if the characters don't sound like I had expected them to sound, or the colors don't look right, or if the music isn't what I would have imagined. Those problems definitely kept me from enjoying Peach Girl TV as much as I would have otherwise. I'm wondering whether I'll feel the same way about Perfect Girl Evolution when I *finally* see it. (Speaking of which, why didn't they ever animate Mars? Gah.) In any case it will definitely be something to watch out for late next year.


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Hiro said...

My daughter just read the first 3 books in this series, plus Vol. 1 of Zombie Loan. I think she likes Vampire Knight better even though she really liked the Zombie Loan anime.

My recommendation: A series called Demon Flowers. Really cool art and an interesting story that reminds me of Kemonozume and Loveless. Helluva cliff hanger ending for Vol. 1 though. The author is "Mizuki Hakase" which is a pun on "Professor Mizuki"...