Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thoughts on Naruto's Non-existent Romantic Aspects

First, let me just say that engaging in the speculation of romantic relationships that have yet to materialize is probably as nerdy as it gets for anime fans. So here goes:

I've been watching Naruto for a long time. I stopped after the filler episodes started and just recently picked back up with Shippuuden. I don't read the manga and don't ever plan too so I only know what's been shown in the anime and what Wikipedia has spoiled for me. So far I'm really enjoying the series and while Naruto has always skated the line of perviness, I feel like now there's a level of maturity that was absent before, providing us with an actual possibility of some relationships developing.

Naruto X Hinata (Naruta? lol.)

I found a million cute images of Naruto and Hinata so either they just have a ton of fans or the entire fanart community's talent is completely concentrated in NxH fandom. This is probably my favorite couple, because I feel like Sakura is more suited to Sasuke. Besides, Hinata is so cute and has always been Naruto's biggest supporter. She's really as angsty as it gets, I love her just for that. Adorable, twice she fainted. Twice. lol.

They haven't really done much with Hinata's character in Shippuuden but I imgaine that like all the other characters she's gotten a bit stronger, maybe more confident. Hopefully, they'll do something about the love story since they flashed forward something like 3 years, presumably then, they're planning to address their adolescence which love is invariably a part of. I really hope it won't be like Inuyasha* in this aspect, I'll die. Really.


Naruto X Sakura (Nakura :P)

Like I said, not a fan. Sakura is just more suited to Sasuke. Her character was written to be dismissive of Naruto in the first series, now, while she acknowledges his abilities she still doesn't seem to be able to like him in that way. She's still stuck on Sasuke, clearly. I really doubt anything will develop here.


Sasuke X Sakura (Saskura)

I can't wait to see grown up Sasuke in the new series. It's annoying that we're 41 episodes in and still nothing *sigh* but such is the nature of shounen anime. I'm guessing that if they ever address the love square that's been forming for 9 trillion episodes now they'll do it when Sasuke finally appears. I really hope they don't dodge the issue, or else it will be the permanent elephant in the room like the love triangle was in Inuyasha.

*Inuyasha - is the perfect example of how *not* to write a romantic storyline. I feel like Rumiko Takahashi is more concerned with prolonging her stories than character development or plot continuity. So fans never got a resolution on the issue of Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship in the anime and the manga has been dragging on for so long that I don't know anyone who reads it anymore. The second movie did have a kiss, and I'm 393842094% sure that was because Takahashi was overridden by the producers. I was keeping up with the manga for a while but the story gets old. I'd like to know what's going on now without having to read the however many chapters I've missed since the last time I read it. At least with Ranma 1/2 we got some iota of closure (even though, not really) but I feel like Inuyasha is just going to drag on FOREVER.

I stole all these images from google search and I couldn't find the artists' names so if you are the artist or know who is please let me know so I can credit them.

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