Monday, November 26, 2007

The WallFlower (Perfect Girl Evolution) Anime to be Released on December 18th!

This is apparently old news but I just found out today. The Wallflower is available on ADV's site for 15 bucks if you pre-order. I totally would buy this I can't justify the expense due to my abject poverty as a student. This is the only manga I kept up with during my hiatus (I even stopped reading Furuba). It's angsty, but substantively lacking in actual romance. I never get tired of Sunako's nose bleeds, seriously hilarious. Check out ANN for the info.

I'm glad I'm coming back just in time to see all these great mangas being animated.


Hiro said...

Hey there! Welcome back to the wonderful world of anime/manga! Right now I'm enjoying Her Majesty's Dog, Kitchen Princess, and Recipe for Gertrude. Did you read any of those?

Stephanie said...

No, I'm going to try to catch up the stuff I used to collect like Chocolat and Furuba before I tackle the more recent mangas. Do you recommend those?

Hiro said...

I haven't read Chocolat but me and my daughter are up to the latest vol. of Furuba (in the US anyway) which is vol. 18? Vol. 19 doesn't come out until March next year.

I loved the Furuba anime but I have mixed feelings about the manga. I'm happy to follow the story beyond the anime, but I hate the way Natsuki Takaya lays out her dialog. They
are..... all.... in.... little boxes.... all....
The story is interesting though, so I kinda speed read through it.

Her Majesty's Dog is cute/funny.

Kitchen Princess is well written (there's a novel writer doing the story and it's drawn by the author of Zodiac P.I.) and I'm a sucker for food themed stuff.

Recipe for Gertrude isn't about cooking at all. It's an occult series, very short (just 5 volumes) and is very cute. I liked the drawing style.

The other manga I'm following are Vinland Saga (viking historical by the author of PlanetES) and Claymore (occult/slasher/fantasy). Vinland is done really well. Claymore has crappy art but the story is compelling and has a lot of momentum.

I would also recommend both the anime and manga for Mushi-shi, one of the best things to come out recently. Mushi-shi is occult, but very thoughtful and understated.

Stephanie said...

Yea I definitely plan on looking into Mushi-shi. Ah, it's almost overwhelming getting into everything again.